Alicia Sully is Crowdfunding her Detox

October 9, 2011

alicia sully camel milk

Crowdfunding has been an accepted form of financing for some time now in the world of nonprofits and the arts. In the last few years the concept has stretched over into other forms of commercial endeavors with the ability to easily ask a large group of people to participate in contributing financially to a projects’ creation through the use of online tools. One online tool that makes this process easier is Kickstarter.

So what do Kickstarter and Alicia Sully have in common? Alicia Sully is one of the founders (along with Philipa Young; see her YFE profile here) of What Took You So Long Foundation. One of their most recent projects is a documentary on camel milk called “Hot Choclate for Bedouins.” Sully and her team have been invited to present their film at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular in London at the end of the month. To fund their trip she is completing a “Camel Milk Me Detox.”

When you fund her “Camel Milk Me Detox” via Kickstarter you receive rewards in the form of gaining access to videos documenting the process, a camel milk shirt, and even camel milk. The project doesn’t go unless she reaches her total amount needed within the time allotted. At this point she is looking pretty good.

Regardless of the need for financial backing or not, crowdfunding is a creatie way to market a larger product, service, or company with smaller projects… and have financial backing to do so. It’s also a great way to test the market before going into production. Finally, getting back to the actual financing part… this is just another form of proof that there is always a way to execute a great idea (big or small). Lack of money, time, and talent is no match for passion. If you want to do something, find a way to do it.

Check out Alicia Sully’s Kickstarter project (looks like something YFEs in the health and wellness industry might find fun too!).

IMG Courtesy Alicia Sully Kickstarter Profile and geezaweezer

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