Young Female Entrepreneur on Millionaire Matchmaker

November 2, 2011

Before you get the wrong idea, Kris Ruby, owner of Ruby Media Group did not go on the show to flaunt her millions and find a mate, but instead to school the matchmaker, Patti Stanger in the ways of Twitter. Patti Stanger is the star of the Bravo reality hit Millionaire Matchmaker. Watch her clip below!

I briefly met Kris Ruby while in DC in August and saw first hand that she keeps good company. Her welcoming persona translates well into the online world often going out of her way to encourage others and thank people.

Ruby Media Group (RMG) is a Social Media Marketing & Public Relations agency. RMG “socializes” businesses for Web 2.0 and helps companies adapt traditional marketing into social media platforms.

Looking at her site Ruby keeps busy with a full speaking lineup and press to match. How does she do it all? Why did she found her company? We will have to see if we can profile her soon. Stay tuned!

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