Melanie Duncan: Online Business Entrepreneuress

July 19, 2011

Melanie Duncan is a young online business entrepreneuress and is on a mission to share her experience and knowledge with others the the Entrepreneuress Academy. Melanie first started in business in college and already has three companies under her belt that live and grow online.

Company Name:
Entrepreneuress Academy

Year Established:



Entrepreneuress Academy

What is your business all about? What problem do you solve, service do you offer, etc.
Teaching women how to start and grow businesses online.

What does your background look like?
I started my first business in college, then when I moved to NYC in 2010 and now Entrepreneuress Academy.

I went to school at Chapman University in Orange County, California.

Why did you start your business, launch your first product, or build that community in the first place?
Creating a life for myself that would allow freedom, enjoyment and growth.

What are your favorite things about being young, female and entrepreneurial?
The freedom, motivation and pride that my work allots.

Do you have mentors or people you admire that you think of when making business decisions?
My husband, Devin.

What have been the advantages of being young and female while building your business?
An incredible network of supportive women.

What are the disadvantages you’ve faced, if any?
Not being taken seriously or thought of as competent.

What is your advice for a young, female entrepreneur just starting out or in the research stage?
Figure out how to start small and learn gradually as you grow. You will make mistakes, so try and make sure that you have the flexibility to learn from them and grow.

What is your drink of choice?

What can we find you doing when you are not working on and in your business?
Living and loving in my city – NYC.

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