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August 9, 2011

heros and mentors yfe chat

The next #YFEchat is this Thursday at 4pm PST/7pm EST and the theme is heroes and mentors. If you listened in on Motivated Monday (sent out to those who subscribe to the Latest or the Young Female Entrepreneurs Podcast) you will already know that we’re not talking about super heroes here. Instead, the theme of heroes and mentors is focusing on who we look up to in business and those that we have worked one-on-one with sharing our problems, frustrations, and accomplishments.

Check out what we will be discussing this Thursday (August 11th) below, but first… let’s take a few sentences to review why you need to be there!

  1. Twitter chats are easy to fit into your schedule. Wrapping up your work day? Have a screen up for the chat. Chasing after kids? Use your smartphone to check in on the feed and chime in when you can. Loading the dishwasher? Have your laptop near by.
  2. Great way to meet new people that are just like you! Also provides you with an easy way to follow up with them post event, plus the added benefit of reminding those that follow you that you own a business.
  3. Need help, have questions, looking for resources? Ask questions and get answers from your peers in real time.

On Thursday, be prepared for 10 questions going out every 5 minutes with a few little surprises here and there. Other women who are in their 20s and 30s who own their own businesses, or doing research to open their own business will be there. Come with your own questions or just come with answers.

  1. What is your business, what do you offer, and who do you serve? #YFEchat
  2. Why did you open your own business; what was the motivation to become a YFE? #YFEchat
  3. During the startup process who close to you was there to cheer you on and offer guidance? #YFEchat
  4. What iconic business men and women do you look up to? How did you first come to admire them and why? #YFEchat
  5. Has there been a book that has recently shifted the way you look at business and the world in general? #YFEchat
  6. Are there any examples in pop culture you think accurately portray the life of an entrepreneur, or are inspiraitonal for you in building your business? #YFEchat
  7. Do you have a mentor (mentors)? Who are they? Are they experts in your industry or a particular field? Why did you choose them as your mentor? #YFEchat
  8. How have you benefited most from the mentor/mentee relationship? Has there been anything that you have implemented in your business that came directly from that person? #YFEchat
  9. What suggestions would you give someone when looking for and approaching a potential mentor? What should she stay away from? #YFEchat
  10. In what ways do you mentor others? Do you consider yourself a rolemodel to other young women? How does that affect the choices you make? #YFEchat

 Img Courtesy JD Hancock

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