October 27, 2012

The latest question just came out for discussion in the Bootstrap Book Club. We’re reading “The End of Men: And the Rise of Women” by Hanna Rosin, discussing topics brought forth in the book amongst our peers in a closed Facebook Group. You’re welcome to join in at any time. Find out more and join here.

[quote style="1"][dropcap style="1" size="3"]Q6.[/dropcap] More female entrepreneurs are now engaging a lifestyle dubbed “The Merge”. We work flexibly, but we never really stop working. Business, family, downtime and a few zzzz’s are all rolled into the same 24-hour period. How does The Merge affect your business productivity, your family, and your friendships? Would you rather go back to having less flexibility and more separation between work/family or does The Merge work well for you?[/quote]

[note color="#F5F5F5"]About Bootstrap Book Club
Bootstrap Book Club is a private Facebook group facilitated by the founders of Kickstart Kitchen. It’s a place where women entrepreneurs gather to read, connect with each other and share experiences, and take action to grow.[/note]

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