Lauren Conrad on Larry King Now

October 21, 2012

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad was recently on Larry King Now, his new show that launched in July and airs on Hulu. King’s new show follows a similar format and guest lineup to his long running CNN show with some social media mixed in. It was only a little awkward hearing Larry King introduce Tout to Lauren Conrad.

The short show covered how Lauren Conrad, made celebrity first by appearing in the reality show Laguna Beach, now 26 has leveraged the fame into authoring numerous books, owning a popular beauty website, and designing a handful of fashion lines among other ventures. Her appearance was to promote her newest book, Beauty.

[quote style="1"]The former star of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” visits Larry to dish about branching out beyond reality television, idolizing Martha Stewart and building a fashion empire.[/quote]

Were you a fan of the MTV reality shows back in the day? Are you already a fan of, have you read her books, or wear her line? Did you have any idea of how far her brand has gone? Watch the show below to find out more about where Lauren Conrad is today…

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