What is your story leading up to startup?

November 5, 2012

Whenever YFE creates a new way of bringing this community together, I always have a small moment of panic as it goes live that no one will respond. Of course there has been times when that actually turns out to be the case. The start to our Blog it! Week was not one of them.

Each day this week, YoungFemaleEntrepreneurs.com is encouraging you to add a link to a new or old blog post, interview or article you’ve been featured in, or video blog to a new prompt that revolves around building a business. Today was the first of five days, where women visited the YFE Facebook Page to comment with a link to their “startup story.”

Today’s Prompt was:
[quote style="1"]Whether you’re just getting started or you’re well into growing your business, everyone has a startup story. Share a link to a blog post that is a “Startup Story.” That could mean different things to each YFE.[/quote]

Here are the links that were added today that answer the prompt in some way (this will be updated up until midnight PST as new links come in). Please visit, comment and share with your networks:

Spray Tan Kelly: Blog It! Week – Start Up Success!

A Startup Story

Life of a Sports Wife: My Start Up Story

Letter from the Editor: To understand what The Intentionalis about, some context is crucial

Thoughts on career iteration – Why I started The Prepary

I choose entrepreneurship | Clare Herbert

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living- Just Begin | Uncovering Discovery

Begin Pt.2: My Starting Point | Uncovering Discovery


What happens when things go wrong on an adventure?

The Prequel to My Startup Story…

Lists Not Fists: Small Leaps to Startup

Uninspired? Start a Business – Discover successful marketing activities

Getting Unstuck | WELL in L.A.

Of Lemons and Limes: My Start Up Story

How I Came to Teach 25 Yoga Privates a Week

What is Blog it! Week? Watch this video to find out more:

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    thanks for posting these here! I loved reading about everyone’s journey – excited for the rest of the week’s posts.

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