All the Men (#YFEtv Ep. 35)

October 26, 2012

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YFE recaps our past three weeks of young, male entrepreneurs, reviews upcoming events, and shares a short list of YMEs for you to follow ;)

[highlight bg="#F9CFDC" color="#ffffff"]YFE events coming up include:[/highlight]

#YFEchat Oct. Mixer (Friday, 10/26 at 6p/9e) | #YFEtv (every Thursday 6p/9e) | Blog it! Week | #YFEnyc 1st IRL Meet up | #YFEcon | #YFEla IRL Meet up

[highlight bg="#F9CFDC" color="#ffffff"]Our Male Guests:[/highlight]

  1. Nick Soman | Watch his episode.
  2. Arel Moodie | Watch his episode.
  3. Cody Shea | Watch his episode.

[highlight bg="#F9CFDC" color="#ffffff"]The men list:[/highlight]

  1. Scott Gerber |
  2. Ryan Paugh |
  3. David Siteman Garland |
  4. Brent Beshore |
  5. Jared O’Toole and Matt Wilson |
  6. Alex ‘Papu’ Rincon |
  7. Ray Land |
  8. Nathaniel Houghton | (Recommended by @ShanleyKnox)
  9. Willie Jackson | (Recommended by Marlee D’Arco)
  10. Derek Halpern | (Recommended by Marlee D’Arco)
  11. Pat Flynn | (Recommended by Marlee D’Arco)
  12. Gary Vaynerchuck | (Recommended by Chrissy Marriner)
  13. [highlight bg="#F9CFDC" color="ffffff"]??? leave a comment with your favorite young, male entrepreneurs, include your Twitter/Facebook link for credit![/highlight]

[highlight bg="#F9CFDC" color="#ffffff"]In the comments…[/highlight]

What young, male entrepreneurs are YOU following online? Tell YFE in the comments and we’ll add them to the list with a credit to you, so be sure to add your Twitter or Facebook link.

[note color="#F5F5F5"]About the weekly live stream #YFEtv:
The Young Female Entrepreneurs live stream, or #YFEtv, is a weekly show (Thursdays at 6p/9e) that provides a social viewing experience that allows entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s to meet one another over chat while also being introduced to new ideas and resources by our guests and their peers. Add it to your calendar at[/note]

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