Social Dating with LikeBright Founder (Ep. 31 of #YFEtv)

October 5, 2012

Young Female Entrepreneurs welcomes LikeBright Founder Nick Soman on the live stream to talk about their new social dating service, what it’s like launching a business from an incubator, and why he’s committed to giving back 5% of his someday exit to the Seattle startup community.

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About Nick Soman
Nick Soman started LikeBright to help people connect with a little help from their friends. He studied at Stanford and Harvard Business School and learned to build stuff that makes people happy as a product manager on the Amazon Kindle. He really, really likes connecting people. And music, and food.

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What do you think of social dating? What were your takeaways from Nick’s advice when applying for an incubator? How do you solicit feedback. Share with YFE below–>

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