Young Female Entrepreneurs Live Stream with Amanda Aitken and Emily Kirkland

April 20, 2012

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Erin of Well in LA’s Live Stream Episode and the Youtube video of the lecture she refers to

Amanda Aitken’s links: The Girl’s Guide to Web Design, Better than Chocolate Web Design, Amanda’s Twitter

Emily Kirkland’s links: Emily’s Pinterest, Emily’s Facebook Page

About our Guests:

Amanda AitkenAmanda Aitken
Amanda Aitken is an incurable entrepreneur with an addiction to challenging the status quo. Her latest project is The Girl’s Guide to Web Design, a fun and feisty online course that teaches women to create awe-inspiring, totally customized sites and blogs on the WordPress platform – coding and all. She’s also the founder and Head Chocoholic at Better Than Chocolate Web Design [more...]

Emily Kirkland
I have been in the beauty industry since 2002 and I feel extremely blessed to do what I am passionate about. In the beginning of my career, I attended an advanced training academy, specializing in design… And in the midst of that training, even though I learned a lot, it dawned on me. This was not the type of approach I wanted to take with my clients. I wanted to build a business that was personal and about quality…So I did. [more...]

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