SittingAround with Erica Zidel

October 11, 2012

Erica Zidel, Sitting Around

Young Female Entrepreneurs has featured Erica Zidel on the live stream and shared about her many accomplishments on the blog in the past. This week YFE is excited to share that she will be leading up YFE Boston (#YFEbos). Erica owns SittingAround, founded in 2010 and is an incredible resource for young women in the city who are interested in meeting their peers. Read on to find out more about Erica…

Twitter: @ericabz, @sittingaroundco

YFE: What is your business all about? What problem do you solve, service do you offer, etc.

E: SittingAround makes it easy for parents to find and coordinate babysitting.

We have the world’s leading software for managing babysitting coops — groups of families who swap care — and the only babysitter search engine.

YFE: What does your background look like? What did you do prior to starting your business? What did you education look like, etc.

E: I have a BA from Harvard. Prior to starting SittingAround, I worked in NYC and Seattle as a management consultant, advising other people how to run their businesses.

YFE: Why did you start your business, launch your first product, or build that community in the first place? What was your motivation?

E: A problem I experienced in my own life! By the time my son was three, I’d grown incredibly frustrated with how inefficient it was to find great sitters. I wanted a better solution — so I built it.

YFE: What are your favorite things about being young, female and entrepreneurial?

E: The flexibility and creativity that comes with building a business.

YFE: Do you have mentors or people you admire that you think of when making business decisions?

E: I have a number of people I consider mentors who I look to when making big decisions. A network of mentors is an invaluable resource to have, especially when you are just starting out.

YFE: What have been the advantages of being young and female while building your business?

E: Women experience different problems than men. We see the world differently and have unique insights. This allows us to solve problems that other entrepreneurs may never consider – like childcare!

YFE: What is your advice for a young, female entrepreneur just starting out or in the research stage?

E: Be confident. Confidence will get you very, very far.

YFE: What is your drink of choice?

E: Diet coke and red wine (not together, of course…)

YFE: What can we find you doing when you are not working on and in your business?

E: Running! It clears my head and keeps me energetic.

I also love to cook and make dinner most nights. It’s a nice way to transition from the work day into the night.

Are you in Boston, young, female & entrepreneurial? Request to join Erica’s private YFE Boston Facebook Group.

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