Turning Lemons into Lemonade Wherever She Goes: YFE Profile on Erin Haslag

March 29, 2012

erin haslag

Anyone that has met Erin Haslag of WELL in L.A. online will agree with me in that her personality mirrors what you see on her website, how she interacts on Twitter, and what she shares on Facebook. Erin is a health coach that encourages people to “live well” through her writing as well as through services that help them cleanse, cook and workout. At the same time she also helps other small business owners in the health and wellness field build their brands online.

Erin’s background is in public health and counseling psychology with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, a Masters in Public Health, and a Bachelors in Health Science and Psychology. Her motto is all about preventative care, and she is one small business owner that definitely “walks her talk.”

Watch a short clip of her video profile to learn more about how she came to be Erin of Well in L.A.

WELL in L.A. began as a blog that slowly evolved into a business. Visit her blog today and you will find inspiration for growing your business, living out your dreams, and getting healthy. During the video profile interview Erin briefly shared what her blog has done for her business: setting her up with an expert status early on, helping her audience get comfortable around her, good SEO for her site, and a way to build a community around her mission.

erin well in la

“We have room for multiple careers.”

After the YFE Profile interview had ended Erin shared that her mother has worked in the same job for most of her life and would often comment to Erin that she has had so many different employers already at such a young age. The reality is that most young women and men today are job hoppers. We rarely stay in one place for more than three years and she reminds us in the profile that this can be true even in entrepreneurship. Your business today does not have to be your life plan. Erin has a passion for helping people get healthy and that she can take in many directions as her future unfolds.

well in la erin haslag

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