How do you extend your reach?

October 23, 2012


Do you want more people to hear about your brand? Yes? It’s a common goal when you’re in business. Today we’ll be discussing what has worked for us as far as getting the word out about our businesses over Twitter at 11am PDT/2pm EDT under #YFEchat.

You’re invited to attend as a young, female entrepreneur. Still on the fence? We’ve listed the questions below for you to check out beforehand. You’re welcome to tweet your response now if you are/were unable to attend the chat.

When: Today- Tuesday, October 23rd at 11am PDT/2pm EDT. Add a reminder for yourself.
Where: On Twitter under #YFEchat. Is this your first Twitter Chat? Using will help you get the most out of it. Find out how to participate in a Twitter Chat.

[quote style="1"]Q1. What is your 140 character elevator speech?… And where are you tweeting from today? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q2. Today we’re tweeting about extending our reach. Do you have a more local market, or does it not matter where your customer is located? #YFEchat

Who is your market? Do you have it clearly defined and written out? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q3. How are you doing with being found on search engines? Is it important that you rank high? #YFEchat

What have you done recently that has improved your ranking for keywords that matter? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q4. What type of traditional print marketing do you do? Flyers, postcards, brochures? #YFEchat

Are you in any phone books, or other form of directory? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q5. Have you utilized video in spreading your message? If yes, what was it for and did you hire someone or DIY it? #YFEchat

Have you ever considered/done a traditional commercial or appeared on television? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q6. How active are you on social media? Has Facebook, Twitter… Or G+ sent you more website visitors #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q7. Do you ask people to share your business with others? How do you do this without sounding desperate? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q8. Have you collaborated with another business owner to extend your reach to his/her customers? What was that on? #YFEchat

How do you approach asking someone to collaborate with you with the objective of extending your reach? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q9. How active in creating content are you? Why do you do it and where do you post it? #YFEchat

What’s your advice on making that content reach more people? #YFEchat[/quote]

[quote style="1"]Q10. Speed round: what resources do you look to for advice on extending your reach, who are “your experts” on the topic? #YFEchat[/quote]

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About #YFEchat
#YFEchat is a Twitter chat hosted by that occurs every two weeks where entrepreneurial women in their 20s/30s go to discuss topics related to owning a business as a young female (find out more about what a Twitter chat is here). Follow YFE on Twitter @YFEntrepreneur.
PS. Have you checked out #YFEcon yet?

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  • Philosophiemama

    so much fun to interact with all of you today, as always!!! What a wonderful community to be a part of. Thank you!

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