In honor of the “back to school” season, YFE has compiled a Fall “Get Guide” for entrepreneurial young women. It’s our anti-back to school, back to school round up of events, entertainment, products, and services including Amanda Russel’s free fitness videos, products by Young Entrepreneur Council members, and events like Marie Forleo and her Rich Happy & Hot Live conference.

Many of the items below are created by members of The YEC (they are marked with **). The YEC is “an invite-only nonprofit membership organization, promotes entrepreneurship as a means to overcome youth unemployment and underemployment. Our mission is to spark an entrepreneurial revolution in America—and help rebuild the economy in the process…” It’s an awesome resource for young women who are interested in starting and growing their own business!

The Fall “Get Guide” is part of the YFE Live Stream that is recorded every Thursday night at 6p/9e on Watch the replay and be sure to add future live streams to your calendar to participate in the chat!

events for young female entrepreneurs

1- Crowdfunding Bootcamp Oct. 9-11
2- WOMMA Summit Nov. 12-14 Las Vegas
3- Rich Happy & Hot LIVE NYC Oct. 26-28
4- Bloggy Boot Camp Oct. 13th in Las Vegas
5- Women2.0 November 14th in NYC
6- California Women’s Conference Longbeach CA Sept. 23-24
7- Pitch Refinery Chicago, IL Sept. 22-23!home/mainPage

fall fashion young female entrepreneurs

8- Sweet Minerals
9- Underbrella
10- CitySlips** Travel Rain Boots**
11- Quincy Apparel**
12- Modcloth** Tech on Your Trek Backpack
13- Modcloth** Wherever Your Wander Backpack in Pink

suri burn book, killers, shark tank, atlas shrugged

14- Suri’s Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart –> ADD Sept. 27th on your calendar to see the author talk about the process of creating the blog and getting the book deal!
15- The Killers
16- Shark Tank Sept. 14th Commercial Break Live Stream
17- Atlas Shrugged Part II is out October 12 

grow your business yfe

18- Levo league**
19- Stratejoy** Get it off the Ground
20- Innovatively Organized ”The Organized Executive” 3 part training series

21- Amanda Russell Youtube Channel
22- Total Reset Plan by Marissa Vicario
23- Wild Squirrel Nut Butter
24- NuttiYogini Black Yoga Pant

mom young female entrepreneurs

25- The Honest Co.

26- iPhone 5 Coming out rumors are Sept. 21st

The moms and tech category are slim on this guide; we’ll have to compile their own buying guides in the future! Do you have a favorite product/service/event coming up in the fall? Be sure to add it to the comments…

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Guest Post by Ruth Hedges

The passage of the JOBS Act and the legalization of debt and equity based crowdfunding is a very exciting proposition. The community opening their arms and wallets giving your business the funds you need to thrive and investors a chance to profit. Unfortunately, what many crowdfunding companies don’t realize is that debt and equity based crowdfunding is a good deal more complicated then donation based campaigns. It is not as simple as setting up a deal room on Kickstarter and emailing your network. There is preparation that needs to be started now in order for you to be eligible to do an equity based crowdfund come Spring next year.

The crowdfunding provision of the JOBS Act mandates that companies meet certain regulatory hurdles, such as audited financial statements and incorporation before listing their company on equity crowdfunding platforms. In order to get you ready for your crowdfunding campaign we have put together a list of actions companies must take now to be prepared.

  1. In order to raise funds on a platform you must be established and incorporated in a way that gives you the ability to issue the shares you are promising. Sadly some companies will waste time and money doing this incorrectly delaying their ability to raise capital.
  1. The devil is in the details. You need to have a solid, well researched, clear and detailed plan of what you’re doing and where you’re going with your business. No one will invest in an effort lacking transparency. Investors want to know where their money is going and how it will be managed. The law stipulates that your business plan, financial statements and other disclosure documents must be presented to the SEC, the funding portal and investors to be able to equity crowdfund. Making sure you present your business in a way that will allow future flexibility as well as keep you out of hot water with the IRS is critical. If a company representative “makes an untrue statement of a material fact or omits to state a material fact,” they will be held liable. Professional representation is highly recommended!
  1. Remember when you’re creating all of this material that the plan for your business, executive summary and video is introducing your business model to the crowd, and first impressions count, as you may not get a second chance. If it’s not complete or accurate and doesn’t make a good impression, you will not only lose possible fans and followers, but your chances of getting funded will dramatically decrease. Ensuring you have a credible business plan that is marketable and easy to understand will go a long way in helping you achieve your funding goals.
  1. Creating a financial statement that is both well researched and mathematically accurate is an art. Are your market projections accurate? Are you being too ambitious and running the risk of losing potential investors? Are you giving away the farm and control, by undervaluing your business? Have you included all potential costs that you might incur? How will you be using the funds? Have you created your capitalization table correctly? Creating financial statements that do not misrepresent your overall potential is a delicate balance of knowledge, experience and keen understanding of the investment market. Get it wrong and it can cost you BIG in the long run. The sad thing is you often don’t realize what you don’t know until it is too late. The valuation process can take a very long time—so get started early and make sure you have qualified advice.
  1. The JOBS Act imposes certain requirements for companies seeking to utilize the crowdfunding exemption. For instance, financial statements of the issuer must be certified by the principal executive officer of the issuer to be true and complete in all material respects for raises under $100,000. $100,000 to $500,000 they must be reviewed by a public accountant who is independent of the issuer, using professional standards and procedures established by the SEC. If you’re raising more than $500,000 (or such other amount as the SEC may establish), you will need audited financial statements. Make sure you have an accounting team that understands the process!
  1. Is your networks ready? Historical data has shown in order for your project to be a success you must raise at least 30% from your own personal network—that takes time and preparation. To be successful, it is critical your on and offline networks are primed and ready to go. This takes time, effort and an understanding of basic investor relations that will build your networks within the new laws. Lack of network preparation is the number one reason why crowdfunding campaigns fail. Crowdfunding is not free it will cost you in time away from your business, friends, family and life—which is the number one reason we are advising clients to prepare now so they will be successful in the future!

The good news is there are resources available to help you succeed and prepare for your campaign, but it is important to get started now. One of the events we are recommending is a Crowdfunding Bootcamp on October 9th and 10th in Las Vegas. It is one of the bigger industry events and is designed to help participants walk away with a plan in hand and the resources and connections to make it happen. In addition to all of the major funding platforms there will be law firms, accounting firms, VC firms, Angel investor groups, and professional service providers all giving out advice and free services to ensure you are prepared by the end of the second day. The best part they will also be giving away one $10,000 (cash and services) prizes to the best businesses.

The bottom line, weather you go to the bootcamp or prepare on your own—you need to start the process now in order to raise capital with crowdfunding in 2013.

YFE thanks Ruth Hedges for the Guest Post. Read on to find out more about Ruth and an exciting opportunity to attend Crowdfunding Bootcamp for FREE!!

Ruth Hedges

Ruth Hedges is the CEO CrowdfundingRoadMap and the FundingRoadMap a virtual system for business planning and due diligence reporting on the cloud. A leader in the crowdfunding movement she worked side by side with the Startup Exemption team helping to get the Jobs Act bills passed, is a Founding board member for The Crowdfunding Professional Association Organizing (CFPA), CrowdFund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and is a council member of  the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS).
Interested in attending the Crowdfunding Bootcamp on October 9th and 10th in Las Vegas? Thanks to Joy Scoffler of Leverage PR and Ruth Hedges, YFE is giving away 2 FREE tickets to Crowdfunding Bootcamp!
To enter to win them is simple. Comment below this post and let YFE know why you’re interested in going the crowdfunding route to giving your business a financial boost.
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Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 29, 2011

Young FEmale Entrepreneurs

As young, female entrepreneurs many of us have industry, business, and fashion magazines piled up on our bed stands. Our interests vary as do our lifestyles. However, one thing is for certain, there is something exciting about starting a new year. As you look back on your 2011 and make big plans for 2012, get some help from your peers. Here are products and services created by young, female entrepreneurs for YFEs that will help get your 2012 off on the right foot.

Get Fit and Healthy

At my company we purposely point out that good health is something we value to keep it top of mind everyday. Sick, tired, and grumpy people is not what a good company is made of. Are you committing to prioritize your health in the new year as an entrepreneur? Here are a few items that will give you some extra motivation to hit the gym, ditch the coffee, and reach for the h2o.

Get support

For the GlowLast year after having my son, I really needed a boost of energy to keep up with being a new mom while building a business. I decided to commit to fellow young entrepreneur, Jennifer Jordan’s Resolution Challenge and was amazed at how much I had really been neglecting my health in the process.

If you are like me and just need a reminder and a plan to get you going again, this is a great recipe for change. With the Challenge you are essentially outsourcing your planning to For the Glow who provides you with meal and workout plans with the knowledge behind it so that you can make healthy, educated decisions post Challenge. Jennifer is generously giving YFEs a two for one special too! Once you receive the orientation packet, respond letting her know that you’re a YFE & provide your pal’s email address and name. She will then email the friend all the details. Grab you business parter, VA, or best Facebook friend and have fun getting fit and healthy together.

Get the equipment

If yoga, pilates, and running are already staples in your day, check out Zweet Sport for workout clothes that will spice up your daily routine. Marja and Kimberly founded Zweet Sport from their shared passion for fitness and fashion. The company produces “high end active wear” that looks and feels good.


“Our top sellers are the light weight Jaco shorts (loved by hot yogi’s and pole fitness ladies) and our Brasilia & Ezieza tops” explains Co-founder and Managing Director, Marja Toan. “We’re working on our Spring/Summer line which will debut in Feb/March. We’re incorporating a tank, another Capri pant & restocking all current styles with new color combos and prints.”


YFE’s most recent profile is on one of Youtube’s Next Trainers, Amanda Russell. You can subscribe to her videos to round out your focus on staying healthy while keeping busy here. Another Youtube Next Trainer is Cassey Ho who created POP Pilates and oGorgeous yoga bags. Check out her line of gym and yoga bags to help you stay organized and ready to get your sweat on.

Take Action on your Ventures

Having compelling goals in both your personal and work life that excite you are one thing, but having the confidence and know-how to get them started is another.

Get clear and gain confidence

Molly Majar recorded an amazing Young Female Entrepreneurs Podcast episode for us on the topic of getting past our fears to get stuff done. She has a new program called, “Create Your Magical Year” that is aimed at helping us quarter lifers get our vision out on paper. The program is affordable and includes a digital download of “3 training calls, 20 art-filled worksheets, and 7 inspirational interviews from women you admire.” Molly added two bonuses to the download that include a process for creating “your theme for the year” and a “reading of Shakti Gawain’s Clearing Blocks visualization.” Check out Molly’s program.

If you are a fan of Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” you will want to check out Natalie MacNeil’s 21 Day New Year Challenge. Natalie is using as the platform for walking participants through Napolean Hill’s book and recorded videos that have recently been made public. “Mightybell enables people – like Natalie MacNeil – to quickly and easily create new ”experiences” as a short series of step-by-step, day-by-day ‘actions’ you can do.” Join the Challenge here.

Get help

While it’s not packaged in a bow, colorful, or sexy in any way, the SBA provides programs and resources across the country for budding and growing entrepreneurs. If you haven’t given your local office a ring in the last year, make an appointment to do so in the next week. Here are a few links for you to keep in mind: NWBOC: The Nationals First WBE Certifier, SCORE Mentoring, National Women’s Business Council: Advisors to the President, Congress, and the SBA

Celebrate and Enjoy Life

Yes, New Years Eve is on Saturday and time is winding down to grab your perfect party dress. However, why let the celebrating stop on Saturday night? As a young, female entrepreneur you will have a number of occasions to celebrate throughout the year. Be prepared with the right dress when the time to unplug, shower, and head outside comes around.

Dress to Impress Celebrate

Jolie & Elizabeth

One company I’ve followed for the past few months that is helping this cause is Jolie & Elizabeth. Sara Elizabeth and Jolie, two New Orleans fashion designers are often in the press for being among a select group of young entrepreneurs who are revitalizing the city’s economy. Their dresses stay “true to timeless southern style” Co-founder, Jolie recommends the Revanche dress- “We offer it in a pink/ grey colorway and a mint/grey colorway. It’s normally priced at $242 but we’ve marked it down to $120, for the next week, until New Years. The name, Revanche- is french for Revenge, a good heartbreak dress!

Vue Society

Moving westward, a hot name in the Seattle scene is VueSociety. Founder Rachel Kim explains that the online shop’s focus is on “the extra curricular activities that happen outside of the working environment.” She specializes in high end one pieces and dresses serving women that “knows what she wants. She dresses conservatively and is labeled a trendsetter.” In for some sparkle? Then check out Vue Society’s Olive Green Sequin Dress from Blaque Label. If you are less of a dress girl, then take a peak at the Again Apparel Flaunt TRUX Skirt made of embossed pleather with stitching detail. Rachel is offering YFEs a promo code to use for the New Year: NYE2012. Receive $20 off the entire order along with free shipping to all WA state orders (plus, 5% of every purchase is donated to WWIN!).

2012 will be a break out year for many young, female entrepreneurs. By minding our health, our businesses, and remembering to still have fun outside of work we can all expect great things from one another. Many thanks to the young, female entrepreneurs featured in this piece who offered generous discounts. If you or a young, female entrepreneur you know of has a great product or service that would benefit YFEs in prepping for the new year, please share in the comments below!

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young female entrepreneurs facebook

Facebook has over 800 million users with the average user being connected to 80 community pages, events, and groups. How about bumping up that number a bit on your likes? With the majority of young, female entrepreneurs being part of that 800 million, we live our lives on Facebook. Do your Facebook “likes” reflect your lifestyle as a YFE?

The following Facebook Pages are YFE’s first recommended Pages. They are of businesses that are either owned by, created for, or speak especially well to a young, female entrepreneur. They are not in anyway exhaustive, but merely a kick off point in compiling great resources for YFEs to take note of on Facebook. Visit the following 57 Facebook Pages for young, female entrepreneurs…



2- Entrepreneur — “Inspiring, informing and celebrating entrepreneurs since 1973″

3- Forbes — “The home page for the world’s business leaders.”


4- The White House — “This is the White House page on Facebook. Comments posted on and messages received through White House pages are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived. Learn more at” See YFE Director’s post on the White House blog regarding young, female entrepreneurs.


5- Crave — “CRAVE Seattle innovatively connects small business owners with the customers they CRAVE.”

6- Social Media Club — “Social Media Club hosts conversations that explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.”

7- eWomen — “Welcome to the Official eWomenNetwork Facebook Page. eWomenNetwork is the #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses.”

8- Girl Power Hour — “Stylish networking events for women since 2007.”

9- Startup Weekend — “Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.”


10- Power Chicks — “Power Chicks helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create successful companies through coaching, online resources and events that provide valuable connections and learning.”

11- Women 2.0 — “Women 2.0 aims to be an indispensable resource of content and connections for entrepreneurial women worldwide.”

12- Biznik — “We believe in people, not professions”

13- Savor the Success — “Savor the Success is the premium business network for women entrepreneurs. We focus on online & in-person networking, education, PR opps, celebrity gift baskets, and more!”

Young Entrepreneurs

14- The Young Entrepreneurs Council — “The Young Entrepreneur Council (Y.E.C.) is an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs.” Get an overview of Y.E.C founder, Scott Gerber’s livestream on finding press.

15- Under 30 CEO — “The leading media property for young entrepreneurs.”

16- Young Entrepreneur — “This page is dedicated to providing information and advice to entrepreneurs around the world. Brought to you and managed by the Founders of, Matthew Toren and Adam Toren.”

17- Her Campus — “ is the #1 online magazine for college women with branches at 175+ colleges across the country. ” Editor’s Note: this online publication is not strictly for the young, entrepreneur. However, Her Campus was founded by young, female entrepreneurs who often feature their peers on the site.


18- Stop Traffic Clothing — “sells the finest Retro & Pin-up fashion.” Read Rebecca’s YFE Profile.

19- Crispy Bikinis — “CRISPYBIKINIS is a fashion forward, lifestyle driven web based business specializing in laid-back and luxurious swimwear with classic undertones.” Read this mother-daughter duo’s YFE Profile.

20- Faire Frou Frou — “Faire Frou Frou is the ultimate luxury lingerie boutique both online & in Los Angeles; designer lingerie, loungewear, swim & more.”

21- Rent the Runway — “Rent the Runway provides access to premier dress and accessory rentals online for just 10% of retail price.”

22- Modcloth — “Mod clothes abound, but don’t pin us down. We have indie, vintage-inspired, retro & one-of-a-kind vintage!” Read Susan Koger is a Champion of Change.

23- Bag, Borrow or Steal — “Bag Borrow or Steal – Designer Handbags & Accessories”

24-  VLV Style — “Wear vlv style and start your day on an inspiring note.” Read Ayako’s YFE Profile.


25- For the Glow — “Seattle based fitness & nutrition expert bringing you ~ Green living, Lifestyle, Organic Beauty & Wellness.” Read a post from Jennifer Jordan on positive energy.

26- Gabrielle Bernstein — “Gabrielle is the bestselling author of Add More ~ing To Your Life and the forthcoming book Spirit Junkie (Sept 2011 launch).”

27- Amanda Russell Workouts — “I’m a Wilhelmina Model, Product spokesperson, health and fitness expert, author and am famous for my crazy dancing, and laughing so hard my stomach hurts.”

28- Office on Women’s Health – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — “Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of all U.S. women and girls. We accomplish this by leading and coordinating the efforts of all the HHS agencies and offices involved in women’s health.”

Business Coaching

29- Actionable Business Training — “Actionable, Caring, Customized & Convenient Training for Passionate Entrepreneurs.” Read Rigdha’s YFE Profile.

30- Startup America Partnership — “By entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs.”

31- Ali Brown — “Ali Brown is an entrepreneur mentor and philanthropist who works with women around the world, helping them start and grow businesses and live extraordinary lives.”

32- Marie Forleo — “Are you ready to up your business game? You’re in the right place.”

33- Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)  — “The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship is a non-profit that provides programs to inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, to recognize business opportunities and to plan for successful futures.”


34- CTL360 — “The Creative Solution Creative Agency & Design House specializing in Advertising. Because great ideas don’t need big budgets, just the right people.” Listen in on Sarah’s YFE Podcast.

35- Robin Fisher Roffer — “Hi, my name is Robin Fisher Roffer. My specialty is Reinventing Brands and Reigniting Professionals.” Read the Robin Fisher Roffer YFE Twitter chat recap on personal branding.

36- Devani Freeman — “I’m a Social Media Manager/Trainer, Online Marketing Consultant, Network Marketer and wellness lover. If you are looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and collaborate within this amazing community, please join us!” See Devani’s YFE Profile.

37- Entrepreneuress Academy — “Creating and Perfecting the Art of Living Through Success, Savvy and Style. Making money online is not just for the boys.” See Melanie Duncan’s YFE Profile.


38- Mission Hot Mama — “Join Jenni Hogan & her hot mama team on their mission to inspire other mamas to kick booty and shine!” See Jenn’s post on youth entrepreneurship and motherhood on MHM.

39- Sitting Around — “Sitting Around makes parents’ lives easier.” See Erica’s YFE profile and mention as a Champion of Change.


40- Keri Meyers — “Seattle newborn photographer and mentor.”

41- Elyse Kufeldt Photography — “”Love loves to love love.” To me, this is what being a photographer is all about — celebrating the beautiful relationships you share with those you cherish most and being able to love the look of your love.” See Elyses’ YFE Profile as a business owner attending university.

42- Michelle Moore — “Michelle Moore Photography is the premier High School Senior Portrait studio on the West Coast. ” See Michelle’s YFE Profile as a dual city fashion photographer.


43- Young House Love — “Your one stop shop for home improvement and interior design inspiration.”

44- Your Bella Life — “To add COLOR to your world!”

45- The Daily Muse — “We bring smart content, employment opportunities and like-minded community to young professional women.”

46- Shebytes — “‘Her’ Resource on Technology News: for her Business, for her Life, and for her Soul. ”

47- GenPink — “a pink perspective on gen y.”

48- Stratejoy — “Strategies for Gen Y Joyful Living. Me? Molly Mahar. Coach, Writer, Optimist. You? Gutsy Woman. Lover of adventure, happiness, rockin’ out, making a difference & being authentic.” Get a taste for what Molly does with her strategy for joy for YFE.


49- FITE — “FITE: Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship, connects you to women entrepreneurs in the US + 57 countries. With a small loan, women can create a sustainable income, uplifting themselves and their communities.”

50- Kiva — “ is the world’s first personal micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend to an entrepreneur. By combining microfinance with the internet, is creating a global community of people connected through lending.”

51- Girl Up — “Uniting girls to change the world. A UN Foundation campaign.”

52- Million Moms Challenge — “The Million Moms Challenge is a historic, first-of-its-kind campaign – a call to action to engage a million Americans with millions of moms in the developing world facing issues impacting pregnancy, childbirth and children’s health.”

53- The Breast Cancer Research Foundation — “Prevention and A Cure in Our Lifetime”

54- Girls Inc — “Girls Inc. delivers life-changing programs that inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold.”


55- Learnvest — “At LearnVest, we equip you with the most relevant information and products that help you take control of your financial future.”

56- Invest2Innovate — “Invest2Innovate, or i2i, is a global social enterprise intermediary that connects investors with social entrepreneurs focused on building sustainable enterprises in emerging markets.”

57- Pennywise — “You work hard for your money. Does your money work hard for you?” See Pennywise founder, Staci Dennett’s YFE Profile.

Did we miss you? Does your organizations’ Facebook Page warrant a YFE following? Let us know so we can add you onto future posts by introducing yourself to YFE on wall. Tell us why you are in business, how you fulfill your mission, and what you do.

Future Facebook lists will vary by region, industry, need, demographic served, etc.


alicia sully camel milk

Crowdfunding has been an accepted form of financing for some time now in the world of nonprofits and the arts. In the last few years the concept has stretched over into other forms of commercial endeavors with the ability to easily ask a large group of people to participate in contributing financially to a projects’ creation through the use of online tools. One online tool that makes this process easier is Kickstarter.

So what do Kickstarter and Alicia Sully have in common? Alicia Sully is one of the founders (along with Philipa Young; see her YFE profile here) of What Took You So Long Foundation. One of their most recent projects is a documentary on camel milk called “Hot Choclate for Bedouins.” Sully and her team have been invited to present their film at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular in London at the end of the month. To fund their trip she is completing a “Camel Milk Me Detox.”

When you fund her “Camel Milk Me Detox” via Kickstarter you receive rewards in the form of gaining access to videos documenting the process, a camel milk shirt, and even camel milk. The project doesn’t go unless she reaches her total amount needed within the time allotted. At this point she is looking pretty good.

Regardless of the need for financial backing or not, crowdfunding is a creatie way to market a larger product, service, or company with smaller projects… and have financial backing to do so. It’s also a great way to test the market before going into production. Finally, getting back to the actual financing part… this is just another form of proof that there is always a way to execute a great idea (big or small). Lack of money, time, and talent is no match for passion. If you want to do something, find a way to do it.

Check out Alicia Sully’s Kickstarter project (looks like something YFEs in the health and wellness industry might find fun too!).

IMG Courtesy Alicia Sully Kickstarter Profile and geezaweezer


Relative ‘In the News’ YFE Shared Links

Check out this interesting read by Rosetta Thurman via The Young Entrepreneur Council. Do you agree with Rosetta that women are more likely to self-sabotage than men?
Mind Traps That Sabotage Your Business via

What is your experience with higher education and entrepreneurship? Did you participate in an entrepreneurship program for your undergrad? Thinking about going back for your Masters?
The Top 50 Schools for Entrepreneurship Are… via YFE

What has been your experience when it comes to your age and starting and growing a business: advantage or disadvantage?
Is a Youthful Appearance an Advantage as a Female? via YFE

A short little piece that brings up the topic of crowdfunding — have you implemented this strategy someway in your business?
‘Crowdfunding’: Local entrepreneur finds 1,000 backers for his startup via

Do you think this “Pay-it-Forward” culture exists outside of the Valley?
The Pay-It-Forward Culture via

This is a must read for the day! This is much more than an article on education discussing necessary character traits to be ‘a successful human’ and why failure is needed in that process.
What if the Secret to Success Is Failure? via NY Times Magazine

Img Courtesy Pink Sherbet Photography


YFE has the honor of running weekly profiles on entrepreneurial women in their 20s and 30s. One question that is always asked is whether or not they have found their age is an advantage. The answer almost always includes some form of yes, but will often cite being taken seriously as a problem.

A story ran in The Globe and Mail today titled “Young entrepreneurs caged by age.” The article reviews accounts from three young men who explain the ways they have circumvented the disadvantages that come with building a business as a young entrepreneur. They own construction, SEO, and app businesses and have all come across problems when it comes to how young they are that range from real estate, employee retention, to landing large accounts.

The article lists some of the issues these young men have had to overcome and how they did so. For example, to make sure those visiting his offices wouldn’t be confused by who is boss, one of the owners mentioned in the article, Jason Parks of  Profab Corp.  ”…hung pictures of himself, clearly labelled as CEO, at the reception desks of his two fabrication facilities.”

As a young woman myself who has partnered with her parents in business, being taken seriously has been a pain point of mine on occassion. Some of our hosting clients would rather speak with my mother than me, association officials have attempted to micro manage me where they haven’t others, and I will get an odd look here and there. Philippa of the What Took You So Long Foundation commented in her recent YFE profile that “Occasionally you might come across people who underestimate you based on outward appearances. This, you can turn to be another advantage when you shock them out of their first impressions and win them over. But it remains a sad fact that there are still groups of people who don’t grasp the potential of Generation Y’s enthusiasm for breaking molds and doing good.”

Problems may arise not only from being young, but also from being a woman in business. ”I’ve met some men who have been super nice and promising with leads, but have cut me off after they found out I am not interested in a personal relationship,” explains Ayako of vlv style. Apart from the questions that arise with the motives of others, is the feelings of inadequacy some women bring to the table. Being a young, female entrepreneur requires us to “be more assertive then we like to be,” Devani Freeman argues.

Being pushed past our comfort zones may also be seen as an advantage when you are young. As Sara Jahangir of Wondermilk explains, “the advantages are that I have nothing to lose. I am at that place in my life where I can try, test and take risks without any repercussions.” Krystal Harrell has a similar outlook on her age and business after struggling with others putting her down and seeing her as just a kid. She finally decided to own up to her age. “I don’t let my appearance determine my outcome, I have embraced it” as Harrell explains. Ultimately, if you are passionate enough and know what you want, you can use your drive and enthusiasm to make up for what you lack in years of experience.

Steve Curtis of Zag Global Inc. admits in “Young entrepreneurs caged by age“ that to get where he is today in his company he “had a lot of growing up to do.” You don’t have to be perfect today in business. Know where you want to be and figure out what it will take to get you there. If it’s therapy like it was for Curtis go get it, if it’s hanging up your photo with the title CEO in the reception office like it was for Parks, do it.

“You have to build a reputation. However, I think it’s easier to be motivated to achieve when you’re younger. Hopefully you can learn faster and you are generally more adaptable to change” explains Rebecca McWattie of Stop Traffic Clothing. Being taken seriously may take time as you build your reputation, but with enthusiasm and dedication it may happen sooner than you think.

Like Krystal reminded us with in her profile, “embrace your age and go for it.” What has been an issue for you in building your business being in your 20s and 30s? What have you done to solve it?

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Compete for Business

September 15, 2011

Would you want to hear more about regional, national, and international business plan, elevator pitch, and other entrepreneurial competitions?

Boise Young Professionals, a program of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce just kicked off their b|launched competition that encourages the creation of tech startups, entrepreneurship education, and job creation in the Boise City area.

BYP has created a one of a kind, “soup to nuts” competition that is designed to connect Boise’s young professional talent with experienced entrepreneurs to encourage idea development and create company startups.

Read more about it on the BYP website.

You can find a competition similar to this occurring around the world at any given time. Often their is some form of prize money, grant, incubation period, mentorship, or sponsorship involved for those who win. YFE wants to be a resource for you to find competitions that are geared towards your industry, geographic area, being young, and being a female.

Would having a list of entrepreneurial competitions with further information be beneficial to you?

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Thank you to all who came out to yesterday’s #YFEchat on Twitter! The next Twitter chat is on Thursday, September 22nd at 4pm PST/7pm EST. The past two weeks YFE has been honored to feature some amazing young, female entrepreneurs such as Ayako Igari and Erica Zidel. You will also be able to find posts to inspire and point you in the direction you were seeking such as Molly Mahar’s podcast on getting comfortable with your fear and the recap Scott Gerber’s YEC presentation on PR.

Young Female Entrepreneurs is just getting started. Thank you for being part of our community!

Relative ‘In the News’ YFE Shared Links

A reader wrote in frustrated that a Canadian Business Magazine cover “has done a disservice to young women in business.” Read the whole opinion and the response Shahrzad Rafati, the CEO of Broadband TV gives (the woman on the cover). What are your thoughts on this?

It’s the time for a new-world border |

Welcome to post Labor Day summer :) How about starting the rest of the year off with a fresh office look. Love what SPANX by Sara Blakely has going on in their office space.

Spanx’s Sara Blakely on How She Created an Inspiring Work Environment | Video |

Interesting article on what happens when you give a young person $1,500 to start their own business. A win for Canada!

YourOttawaRegion Article: Aqua Academy in Stittsville

Have been reading stories like this one almost everyday now. Have you started a company out of necessity due to the economy or has it been part of a larger vision you have for yourself for some time now?

Still going to FGCU, and yet theyre entrepreneurs

For those of you still in the dark when it comes to the Our Time Buy Young Initiative take a few moments to watch this video and tell us what you think about the campaign.

The Buy Young Initiative Encourages Young Entrepreneurs and Consumers | Nightly Business Report | PB

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This evening I sat in on the YEC presentation by Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council and author of Never Get a Real Job. The bulk of the information was on the topic of PR, or more specifically, ‘how to set up great media relationships.’ I’ve been an avid reader of everything Scott and Donna Fenn have published for over a year now and have always enjoyed their commentary on our generation. Scott is someone I look up to as a leader for youth entrepreneurship, but to be honest I have not always agreed with him on all points. However, this evening’s event was not the case.

Gerber is what most dudes would call ‘the man‘ when it comes to PR. I’ve seen him in everything from the Wall Street Journal, Inc, and the New York Times. The man knows how to drum up some publicity. Scott is a doer above all else. He created the Young Entrepreneur Council after his first business out of college failed. He was absent peer support and decided to create the solution to his problem rather than fret about it.

I will write a more solid piece on what I feel is missing from the conversation of youth entrepreneurship and where I hope Young Female Entrepreneurs will fill in the blanks tomorrow (so check back ;)). In the meantime, here are a few quotes from what was spoken about this evening that I felt all of us could apply in our businesses today

“Relationships are KEY in PR… it all comes down to who do you know” – @askgerber via @theyec

“Build a track record that speaks for itself– use the guest blogging moments to prove you can help out the media” – @askgerber via @theyec

“The fact that you can make the lives of those in the media a little easier= valuable.” – @askgerber via @theyec

“Give the media value first, ask for value second” – @askgerber via @theyec

“Provide marketing value to the outlets.” The media needs to have new audiences seeing what they have done. – @askgerber via @theyec

Demonstrate what your network looks like when you pitch to the media in a graceful way :) – @askgerber via @theYEC

As you learn your own strategy, create a check list! Systemize! Don’t let PR take over your life – @askgerber via @theyec

YES! — “Insert yourself, your company, your mission into a current trend.” Smart. – @askgerber via @theYEC

“Take a stand, be controversial, do not in any way back down.” – @askgerber via @theYEC

“Tie your PERSONAL story into the pitch” – @askgerber via @theYEC

Nobody cares about your little startup. Make it relevant! – @askgerber via @theYEC

“Create an anchor that makes your topic a trend piece, then launch all other media opportunities off of that” – @askgerber via @theyec

Resource suggestion via @askgerber –> @theYEC

“Start small, start simple, start with your own two hands.” – @askgerber via @theYEC

Press releases are a total waste of time… unless it’s for SEO… for a short time – @askgerber via @theYEC

Today is the day. Get rid of the excuse- this is your future. Go and do it. – @askgerber via @theyec

Finally, here is one last piece from the WSJ Report with Scott Gerber and Jeremy Johnson of that will fill you in on everything YEC and youth unemployment. 

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