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A number of the celebrities donning the covers of today’s tabloid, fashion, and entertainment magazines are now also appearing in Entrepreneur, Inc. and Forbes as they leverage their fame for growing businesses. Here’s a look at YFE celebrities…

What’s Your Motto?

November 12, 2013

This morning we talked about a few of our favorite Glamour Women of the Year Award attendee mottos. I was impressed by how many of the mottos that were shared by celebrities could be guessed, without them even saying them.

Glamour provided us with a fantastic reminder of how important it is to get clear on what we want out of life and to not be afraid to be vocal about that.

What is your life motto?



Ivanka Trump: Having it all

October 16, 2013

Congrats to Ivanka Trump and her family on the arrival of her son. As a young, female entrepreneur I’ve looked up to Ivanka Trump and her calm demeanor since first seeing her on The Apprentice. Since then, after reading her book I’ve admired her attitude on business and how she has combined the experiences she’s had through her family, her education, connections, and passions to build something for herself.

I remember following the blog coverage of Ivanka having her first born a little less than a year after my son was born. It was a time when I felt guilty and unsure of how to be a mom and a YFE. She had her daughter and returned to work soon after, while making sure in her interviews people knew that while she had responsibilities to tend to, she was a constant presence in her baby’s life.

Now, as my son is three I’ve enjoyed following her on Instagram to see how she balances work, her pregnancy, and time with her daughter.

I don’t believe that she can only have it all (family, business, passion projects, etc.) because she is a Trump. I do believe that no matter who you are, we all have the ability to shape our lives into what we want it to be so long as we plan, ask for help, and continuously work at it.

What are your plans for incorporating family into your business when you have children? If you already have children, how has that changed your work habits as a young, female entrepreneur?


video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Thanks to Bethenny for bringing this up.

Have you cried in a business meeting or over a deal in the past?

Martha Stewart explains why she doesn’t cry in business because she doesn’t “think business is worth crying over.” What’s your take on the discussion?


Tomorrow we’re kicking off Bootstrap Book Club‘s discussion of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, The Thank You Economy. Stacey Harris will be hosting a live webcast at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern for 30 minutes online at YFElive.com. Join your fellow Bootstrappers on the chat for networking and checkin on the hashtag #thankyoueconomy.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of YFE’s favorite Gary Vaynerchuk videos for you to get to know his style. If you’ll be joining us for the discussion in the club, we highly recommend you go the Audible route (grab it for free and support YFE at the same time) with his books. You’ll love having him tell you like it is while you’re on the treadmill!

Tell us which rant/speech/how to video is your favorite in the comments…

Gary Vaynerchuk answers: what is the Thank You Economy?

Interview: Piers Morgan gets free advice.

Takeaway: The fear of failure trumps the anticipation of success. Drop the fear, improve upon your talents, and work hard.

Discusses: the value of events and how to promote them in today’s social media space.

Classic @GaryVee: “Stop watching fucking Lost.”

Takeaway: “I think we’re soft… people have a sense of entitlement… it takes real talent… you’re going to have to work your face off.”

ACTION: Create a niche show. “Talk about what you love.”

Takeaway: Direct your own story.

Takeaways: To remain competitive today work smart and hard, create quality content at a high quantity.


It’s so amazing…

June 25, 2013

Brining funny to success Amy Schumer was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night to promote the second season of her show, Inside Amy Shumer.

When asked if she’s enjoying her success… “It’s so amazing. I thought my favorite part was going to be giving my friends jobs or creating something funny, but it turns out my favorite part is the money.”

Amy Shumer enters in a short list of women who recently hold more creative control over their projects (think Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler). Have you watched her show?


Ever so often a list will come out on the best movies featuring entrepreneurship, or movies that entrepreneurs should watch to get inspired. What’s often missing is the presence of women from these movies. Here is a list of movies that feature female entrepreneurs. While not every movie necessarily about entrepreneurship, we can still see what Hollywood thinks our lives look like. Can you relate to the stories within the movies?

What movies have you watched that feature female entrepreneurs? YFE kicks off the list with 20:

Each Amazon link is an affiliate link and an Instant Download link for your easy viewing pleasure ;)

  1. Sunshine Cleaning: Starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, this movie shows how a single mom fills a need in a market while partnering with family and attempting to date Available on Amazon
  2. Baby Boom: Diane Keaton’s character J.C. gets thrown off the corporate ladder when she adopts a baby and moves out to rural America where she discovers her passion for mompreneurship Available on Amazon
  3. Sliding Doors: What would happen if you made that train or done something differently? Gwyneth Paltrow’s character finds out giving her the courage to start her own business  Available on Amazon
  4. Chocolat: New in town, a single mom shares her love for chocolate with her neighbors in her chocolate shop. Available on Amazon
  5. P.S. I Love You: After losing her husband, Hilary Swank looks to find herself by following letters he’s left her when she discovers what she wants to do with her life without him Available on Amazon
  6. Mama Mia!: Sun, fun, and singing this movie follows a single mom and her daughter as they prepare for a wedding while running their small inn on a remote island in Greece Available on Amazon
  7. You’ve Got Mail: Meg Ryan runs a small book store that was left to her by her mother that is threatened by a large chain that moves into the area Available on Amazon
  8. Because I Said So: Mother and daughter both run bakeries and catering businesses in this movie about finding love and family Available on Amazon
  9. New in Town: Rennee Zellweger comes into town to take over a small factory where she begins to fall in love with the people in the town and the idea of creating something new Available on Amazon
  10. Sex and the City 1: Successful writer, Carrie Bradshaw is getting married where the wedding becomes a public affair, she hires an assistant, and Samantha Jones has issues with serving only one client in her PR firm Available on Amazon
  11. Sex and the City 2: Samantha Jones uses her PR connections to fly her girlfriends to Dubai where the cultural difference catch up to them  Available on Amazon
  12. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Coming from a self-made family where her father owns the restaurant she works at, Toula Portokalos decides to go to school to work for her Aunt instead Available on Amazon
  13. Failure to Launch: Sarah Jessica Parker helps move single men out of their parents basements as a freelancer Available on Amazon
  14. Wanderlust: Jennifer Anniston’s character doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, jumping from business to business as her husband supports her until he finds himself unemployed with a new mortgage Available on Amazon
  15. Bridesmaids: Shows what it’s like to have a business fail and the struggle of deciding how to move on with your life Available on Amazon
  16. Stranger Than Fiction: Will Ferrell brings the story to a young woman that loves to bake, but doesn’t necessarily love working on her business. It also features the narrator, who has writer’s block Available on Amazon
  17. What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Food truck wars, speaking fails, losing contracts, and viral videos this movie shows off different business models and pregnancy woes  Available on Amazon
  18. Katy Perry’s Part of Me 3D: Documents how Katy Perry never gave up on her dreams Available on Amazon
  19. The Holiday: Cameron Diaz’s character lets stress and her workaholic ways catch up to her culminating in a need to vacation abroad during her busiest time of year Available on Amazon
  20. Sweet Home Alabama: Reese Witherspoon’s character faked it to make it, but now she has to pick up the pieces Available on Amazon

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What’s with the plus if YFE only listed 20? Fill in the blank for us in the comments to add to the list:

My favorite movie featuring a female entrepreneur is ___________________.


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad was recently on Larry King Now, his new show that launched in July and airs on Hulu. King’s new show follows a similar format and guest lineup to his long running CNN show with some social media mixed in. It was only a little awkward hearing Larry King introduce Tout to Lauren Conrad.

The short show covered how Lauren Conrad, made celebrity first by appearing in the reality show Laguna Beach, now 26 has leveraged the fame into authoring numerous books, owning a popular beauty website, and designing a handful of fashion lines among other ventures. Her appearance was to promote her newest book, Beauty.

[quote style="1"]The former star of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” visits Larry to dish about branching out beyond reality television, idolizing Martha Stewart and building a fashion empire.[/quote]

Were you a fan of the MTV reality shows back in the day? Are you already a fan of thebeautydepartment.com, have you read her books, or wear her line? Did you have any idea of how far her brand has gone? Watch the show below to find out more about where Lauren Conrad is today…

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Marie Forleo, creator of Rich, Happy & Hot was recently featured on Fastcompany.com interviewed by Shatterbox on the story behind the work that went into building her brand. In the video she gave advice to young professionals…

“Be honest with yourself about what you’re interested in and to dive in head first”

Watch for more:


2 broke girls

Would you watch a show what makes light of raising funds to start your business as a broke, young woman in an expensive city? CBS thought you would, which is why you can find the new comedy 2 Broke Girls on every Monday night. YFE admittedy had no idea what this show was about until a post on The Grindstone highlighted a CBS story of a real life “broke girl.”

The show follows “two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner who strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business – if only they can raise the cash.” Check out the contrast between the real deal and the fictional characters in this short video of a woman who transitioned out of being a waitress to growing her cupcake business out of Brooklyn.

Check out this clip from the show where the broke girls Max and Caroline attend a cupcake baking class to hone in on their skills. Do you think the cattiness of the two businesses interacting is true to life, or in your experience have your competitors been more willing to help and collaborate on projects with you?

Have you tuned into 2 Broke Girls?


young female entrepreneurs role models

Who do you look up to, admire, and/or learn from as a young, female entrepreneur? Tomorrow’s #YFEchat is focusing on heroes and mentors (find out more about the chat here) and to get the ball rolling, let’s start sharing who it is we look up to and get advice from in business.

Comment below with who you look up to and who, if you have one, is your mentor in building your business. Here are what two of YFEs Facebook Page likers had to say about who they look up to in business and why…

“As a young female Entrepreneur, it may sound cheesy but I’ve always looked up to my mom and grandmother. Both were very strong and independent women. My grandmother spent 40 or so years in a male driven business (construction) making a name for herself as a leader and salesperson. My mom has followed in her footsteps in a largely male dominated business. Now I look back at both of their sucesses and toast them for inspiring me to be a strong, empowered woman in business.”

- Marni Gold, The Busy Girls (Social Media/Marketing/Public Relations/Branding Consultants and Educators)
Marni Gold MA Ed. is Owner and Designer of Creative Custom Card Boxes, and also is a trained singer, experienced voice teacher and social media aficionado. Marni serves as the CEO of Northern New Jersey Wedding and Event Professionals, Incoming Director of Communications for ISES NJ North, Marketing Associate for ABC NJ and Marketing Director for Wish upon a Wedding New Jersey. Marni has her Masters’ degree in Education.

“A person that I admire is Stacie Ivers Francombe-Inspire Smart Success. http://www.inspiresmartsuccess.com . I admire her because at one point in her life she was a single parent (likewise) and she did not let being a single parent hinder her from her dreams. She previously owned Get Married Magazine (very popular) sold it and is currently focusing on her company ISS. Inspire Smart Success is a company that focuses on small business branding, marketing, and development etc. in the wedding industry. She travels all over the world conducting seminars to educate entrepreneurs on how to get noticed and grow your business. I came across her company through Google. I was looking for a mentor to assist me with branding, marketing, and development. She has helped me shape my business, because after speaking with her and reading her life story, I am motivated. I no longer feel that because I am a parent of two my dreams have to be on hold. I no longer feel that all the long hours won’t pay off. She is a very humble person. Very positive. As an entrepreneur you need someone that embodies those qualities as a mentor in order to keep your spirits up.”

- Shanika, FleurGirl (Floral Design Service)
Shanika is the owner of FleurGirl. She has always loved flowers, what woman doesn’t… As a small child she fell in love with weddings and flowers. Her career started in the Real Estate industry, while designing flowers as a hobby. After realizing that her passion was not being fulfilled, she decided to attend The Ohio State University-ATI to pursue her floral design dreams which lead her to launch my business in 2011.  

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