I know that many of you are getting married over the next year and I just can’t believe that no one has scooped this deal up yet! Right now, Winifred Bean Wedding Dresses is running a Kickstarter Campaign with one of the Pledge offerings being a $2,000 Pledge for a Winifred Bean Dress.

Winifred Bean is owned by Angela Broyles, who has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as an entrepreneur… and a mom. She designs wedding dresses and accessories for the “creative bride” developing “each style to reflect the best classic silhouettes with inspiration from current fashion trends.” I know many of you will love watching this video featuring Angela Broyles with her dauhter at In Good Company in New York. Check it out:

With the funds from Kickstarter I am going to take the line to market where they will be exposed to stores and brides across the US and around the world! I plan on attending the International Bridal Market in NYC this October along with Vera Wang and all the big wigs..

I would also like to develop a 2nd set of samples so that while the dresses are off at market and trunk shows, I can still hold private appointments out of my home.

Angela sent out a #YFEtodo pic, part of our Instagram it! meetup this week on what she has on her list. Are any other moms out there juggling babies and starting/growing a business?

winifred bean

There’s nothing like planning a first birthday party while building your business and running a Kickstarter campaign. Send Angela your good thoughts and follow her on Twitter @winifredbean this week.


Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 29, 2011

Young FEmale Entrepreneurs

As young, female entrepreneurs many of us have industry, business, and fashion magazines piled up on our bed stands. Our interests vary as do our lifestyles. However, one thing is for certain, there is something exciting about starting a new year. As you look back on your 2011 and make big plans for 2012, get some help from your peers. Here are products and services created by young, female entrepreneurs for YFEs that will help get your 2012 off on the right foot.

Get Fit and Healthy

At my company we purposely point out that good health is something we value to keep it top of mind everyday. Sick, tired, and grumpy people is not what a good company is made of. Are you committing to prioritize your health in the new year as an entrepreneur? Here are a few items that will give you some extra motivation to hit the gym, ditch the coffee, and reach for the h2o.

Get support

For the GlowLast year after having my son, I really needed a boost of energy to keep up with being a new mom while building a business. I decided to commit to fellow young entrepreneur, Jennifer Jordan’s Resolution Challenge and was amazed at how much I had really been neglecting my health in the process.

If you are like me and just need a reminder and a plan to get you going again, this is a great recipe for change. With the Challenge you are essentially outsourcing your planning to For the Glow who provides you with meal and workout plans with the knowledge behind it so that you can make healthy, educated decisions post Challenge. Jennifer is generously giving YFEs a two for one special too! Once you receive the orientation packet, respond letting her know that you’re a YFE & provide your pal’s email address and name. She will then email the friend all the details. Grab you business parter, VA, or best Facebook friend and have fun getting fit and healthy together.

Get the equipment

If yoga, pilates, and running are already staples in your day, check out Zweet Sport for workout clothes that will spice up your daily routine. Marja and Kimberly founded Zweet Sport from their shared passion for fitness and fashion. The company produces “high end active wear” that looks and feels good.


“Our top sellers are the light weight Jaco shorts (loved by hot yogi’s and pole fitness ladies) and our Brasilia & Ezieza tops” explains Co-founder and Managing Director, Marja Toan. “We’re working on our Spring/Summer line which will debut in Feb/March. We’re incorporating a tank, another Capri pant & restocking all current styles with new color combos and prints.”


YFE’s most recent profile is on one of Youtube’s Next Trainers, Amanda Russell. You can subscribe to her videos to round out your focus on staying healthy while keeping busy here. Another Youtube Next Trainer is Cassey Ho who created POP Pilates and oGorgeous yoga bags. Check out her line of gym and yoga bags to help you stay organized and ready to get your sweat on.

Take Action on your Ventures

Having compelling goals in both your personal and work life that excite you are one thing, but having the confidence and know-how to get them started is another.

Get clear and gain confidence

Molly Majar recorded an amazing Young Female Entrepreneurs Podcast episode for us on the topic of getting past our fears to get stuff done. She has a new program called, “Create Your Magical Year” that is aimed at helping us quarter lifers get our vision out on paper. The program is affordable and includes a digital download of “3 training calls, 20 art-filled worksheets, and 7 inspirational interviews from women you admire.” Molly added two bonuses to the download that include a process for creating “your theme for the year” and a “reading of Shakti Gawain’s Clearing Blocks visualization.” Check out Molly’s program.

If you are a fan of Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” you will want to check out Natalie MacNeil’s 21 Day New Year Challenge. Natalie is using as the platform for walking participants through Napolean Hill’s book and recorded videos that have recently been made public. “Mightybell enables people – like Natalie MacNeil – to quickly and easily create new ”experiences” as a short series of step-by-step, day-by-day ‘actions’ you can do.” Join the Challenge here.

Get help

While it’s not packaged in a bow, colorful, or sexy in any way, the SBA provides programs and resources across the country for budding and growing entrepreneurs. If you haven’t given your local office a ring in the last year, make an appointment to do so in the next week. Here are a few links for you to keep in mind: NWBOC: The Nationals First WBE Certifier, SCORE Mentoring, National Women’s Business Council: Advisors to the President, Congress, and the SBA

Celebrate and Enjoy Life

Yes, New Years Eve is on Saturday and time is winding down to grab your perfect party dress. However, why let the celebrating stop on Saturday night? As a young, female entrepreneur you will have a number of occasions to celebrate throughout the year. Be prepared with the right dress when the time to unplug, shower, and head outside comes around.

Dress to Impress Celebrate

Jolie & Elizabeth

One company I’ve followed for the past few months that is helping this cause is Jolie & Elizabeth. Sara Elizabeth and Jolie, two New Orleans fashion designers are often in the press for being among a select group of young entrepreneurs who are revitalizing the city’s economy. Their dresses stay “true to timeless southern style” Co-founder, Jolie recommends the Revanche dress- “We offer it in a pink/ grey colorway and a mint/grey colorway. It’s normally priced at $242 but we’ve marked it down to $120, for the next week, until New Years. The name, Revanche- is french for Revenge, a good heartbreak dress!

Vue Society

Moving westward, a hot name in the Seattle scene is VueSociety. Founder Rachel Kim explains that the online shop’s focus is on “the extra curricular activities that happen outside of the working environment.” She specializes in high end one pieces and dresses serving women that “knows what she wants. She dresses conservatively and is labeled a trendsetter.” In for some sparkle? Then check out Vue Society’s Olive Green Sequin Dress from Blaque Label. If you are less of a dress girl, then take a peak at the Again Apparel Flaunt TRUX Skirt made of embossed pleather with stitching detail. Rachel is offering YFEs a promo code to use for the New Year: NYE2012. Receive $20 off the entire order along with free shipping to all WA state orders (plus, 5% of every purchase is donated to WWIN!).

2012 will be a break out year for many young, female entrepreneurs. By minding our health, our businesses, and remembering to still have fun outside of work we can all expect great things from one another. Many thanks to the young, female entrepreneurs featured in this piece who offered generous discounts. If you or a young, female entrepreneur you know of has a great product or service that would benefit YFEs in prepping for the new year, please share in the comments below!

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How to Rock Yoga Pants

July 26, 2011

Note from the Editor: The running joke among many of us YFEs is that our office wear is yoga pants. We build our businesses from our home office and make it out to the light of day only to network (only being semi sarcastic here). One of my favorite bloggers is i heart spandex who was introduced to me by way of Sweat and the City. She is a fashion blogger extraordinaire, but with a twist. She focuses on workout wear. Perfect for us YFEs who are in our gym clothes for the majority of the day. I am so excited that she is giving us tips on how to make sure that we look out best even when dressed down and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Hey everyone! I’m Larinna from i heart spandex and there is nothing I love more than sports apparel, well…except blogging about it! So when Jenn approached me to do a guest post about the dos and don’ts of wearing yoga pants, I was thrilled!  Here are my tips on everything you need to know about how to look good while wearing yoga pants…

When wearing yoga pants outside of the gym, I believe there’s a fine line between looking stylish and sloppy. It’s about finding that perfect balance between looking comfy and casual. Follow these guidelines and this will always look pulled together!

Here are some guidelines I use …

  • Cropped leggings that hit in the middle of the calf are the most flattering and comfortable length.
  • Pants made with a jersey or modal cotton/ spandex fabric give leggings a more casual feel and look less workout-ish.
  • If your leggings are tight, always wear a top that is loose. Wearing two tight items makes it look as if you are wearing a spandex bodysuit (not cute!).
  • Make sure to wear a longer shirt to a length past your hips. Wearing a longer shirt keeps your leggings from looking inappropriate,
  • You can opt for 1 of 2 looks: a form fitting tank with a looser layered top OR a longer shirt, sweater, or cardigan
  • If you wear a fashion forward top, make sure your bottoms and/or cardigan are a neutral darker color to tone down the entire look

Here are a few of my favorite looks/ go to items…

My Favorite Capris…

{Aerie Cropped Legging Slim Gym $25}

{Nike Legend Pant $60}

{Zella Live In Capri Pants $28}

Wear them with…

{Hard Tail Drop Back Top $45}

Forever 21 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Top $16

{Forever 21 Front Lace Stripes Tank $13}

{Forever 21 Leopard Trapeze Top $12}

Nike Sportswear Graphic Racer Tank $24

Wear on top …

Splendid Cardigan $74

J Crew Slub Zip Hoodie $60

Pair With These Shoes …

Nike Free TR Fit $85

Nike Sweet Victory II+ $100


By Mayna Sgaramella, Wardrobe Consultant

closet hangers

I believe anyone can look great at any shape, size, age, or profession. But in order to do so we need some gentle guidance to evaluate, coordinate, and organize what is in our closets. Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Get to know your body. Identify your body type and look for clothing that balances out your shape. What are your favorite features? Whatever you like about your body, embrace it and work with it.

Dress for yourself today. Be able to let go of clothing that no longer fits or is outdated. If you are emotionally attached to something or are waiting to lose those 10 extra pounds, store those clothes in an air tight container out of sight from your closet. Revisit it every 3 months so that you are constantly editing out your clothes.

Keep or Toss? Keep items that make you feel and look great. It must fit you well now, be flattering to your skin tone, and up to date. Have items altered for a perfect fit. Toss, donate, or store the rest. Make a list of what you have and a list of what you need to complete your wardrobe. Then set a budget and a time limit for shopping and plan out the stores you’ll hit ahead of time. Understand how to recognize a good fit for you. For example, if you’re petite and wear a regular size top, you’ll have fit issues under the arm, at the shoulder seam, and hem length. Want to learn more on how to recognize a good fit? Call Closet Fly to set up an appointment at 425-922-0876  or visit us online.

Shop Your Closet. A well organized visible wardrobe makes for better coordinating. Organize by type, then color so that everything is VISIBLE that fits you now and is in season. If you can’t see it you won’t wear it. Try new combinations. Be aware of cool or warm undertones. Invest in neutrals. Current styles of the season can be combined with classic pieces of your own to create updated looks. If you want help defining your personal style, go through magazines, look online, or window shop. Accessorize with statement necklaces or scarves in flattering colors that can make any neutral color outfit pop.

Seattle Stylist MaynaMayna Sgaramella is a Wardrobe Consultant, Speaker, and owner of Closet Fly, specializing in educating men and women on how to maintain a wardrobe that works for their lifestyle through in-home consults, body type/color analysis, personal shopping and coordinating services. Before starting Closet Fly in 2005, Mayna worked as a business consultant in team dynamics helping Fortune 500 companies get results, and applies this training to her business today. She shares valuable fashion advice speaking at seminars and workshops for local businesses to help companies represent a more professional image. She has been a featured speaker at corporations, universities and government organizations giving advice on appropriate business attire. Mayna has been volunteering for Dress For Success Seattle for over six years and serves on Seattle’s Fashion Group International board as Secretary Elect. She believes that every day we are sending a message to the world through our appearance, so why not put some intention behind that message and use your image as a tool to looking your best.

Closet Fly helps men and women in transition look fabulous regardless of their size, shape, age, or profession, by teaching them what to wear, how to wear it, what to purge, and when to splurge.



To begin our “Gift Yourself” series, we are starting off small with accessories. Small touches to an ensemble that carry over to how you feel about yourself and how you represent your business. Keeping it simple, we are talking jewelry and shoes today and moving on elsewhere later this week. Read more about the “Gift Yourself” series in the post Gift Yourself: Comfort through Your Environment.

Are you an expert when it comes to interior design, gadgets, and other fun items that help ? Contact YFE to get featured- we’ve still got room! Send a quote, link to a product, or even a recent blog post to contribute to the community.

And now on to accessories (said in my best Oprah voice)!!!

Jewelry //

Jewelry that converts is a YFE’s best friend… sorry diamonds. Busy bees like us need to polish off an outfit whether it is our home office yoga pants or cocktail, networking event heals.

Stylist with Stella and Dot and YFE, Katie Hiccoxrecommends checking out the Claire Necklace. “Wear it long or short, dressed up or down – this piece can add style to almost everything in your closet and won’t break the bank…. Wear it longer with jeans, your favorite tee and cardigan for your perfect weekend shopping wear. Or try it shorter to dress up your favorite cocktaildress.Finish the look with the Soiree Earrings in silver.”

Looking for something to symbolize your business, or your wee ones? Using your jewelry as a conversation starter is a great idea. For this, Hiccox suggests the customizable Charm Collection, “always a huge hit for sisters, grandmas, moms, aunties, and you’re BFF!”

Shoes //

The season’s hottest trends are being fulfilled by celebrity, young, female entrepreneurs like Jessica Simpson and Ivanka Trump. Living in your Nikes and Uggs is okay when you are full into a launch or beginning a new project, but making a habit of leaving the house in grunge mode can get old. Try on a pair of these, and get inspired by the women behind the look.

This black peep toe by Jessica Simpson has a trendy platform, slim heal, and nice height. At 30 years old, Jessica Simpson has spread her brand well into fashion with her collection encompassing not only shoes, but dresses, jeans, swimwear, fragrances, and even luggage to name a few. Do you remember what started it all after her singing career peaked? Dessert by Jessica Simpson launched in 2004 as her first try at a product line.

Along with black peep toe pumps, you can find numerous shoes that fall into the nude trend as well. Check out this nude platform that might fit your bill.

The last trend for this season that a YFE can get excited about is espadrilles. Ivanka Trump’s polka dot espadrille platforms are a mixture of cute and sophisticated that works for any young, female entrepreneur. Before joining the Trump family business Ivanka Trump loaned her name and know how to another company. Now at 29, Ivanka Trump is no longer known as the daughter of Donald Trump. She is married and expecting a baby, working with her father, but is also designing for her own line of handbags, jewelry, and shoes.

Do you use jewelry and shoes in your daily routine to boost your confidence or add some bling to your name?