savor the moment

Know that moment when you’ve been sitting at your desk working on a project and you start falling asleep or get easily distracted by your Twitter stream?

What about when you need to head out for a meeting, but feel exhausted by the thought of putting on makeup?

We asked the YFE community how they got an instant energy boost without caffeine. How would you answer?

  1. 30 second dance party
  2. - Corey Freeman

  3. Jumping Jacks or Push Ups
  4. - Jaime Slutzky

  5. Take my dog for a quick walk!
  6. - Melissa Penton

  7. Water! Going outside helps, too.
  8. - Stacy Spensley

  9. Outdoor run! Or a few jumping jacks:) Green juice works too.
  10. - Sarah O’Toole

  11. I go for a walk, but am definitely using Corey’s 30-second dance party method from now on.
  12. - Kristy Ellington

  13. Vitamin B12 or one of those Emergen-C vitamin sachets
  14. - Terri Moore

Before reaching for your third cup of coffee, think about what you can do that will waken you up without the need for a Starbucks run.


Did you workout today?

August 15, 2013

Today’s ACTION item of the day is to get a workout in– no mater what.

Need some quick and effective work suggestions to fit in? Yesterday, YFE gave you our favorite Amanda Russel 15 minutes or less workouts, check them out here.

While your tagging your workouts with #YFEchat, don’t forget to show up live tonight for #YFEchat LIVE with Amanda Russell (Youtuber and founder).

Here’s the details:
When: 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern
How: Push play, introduce yourself on the chat, and check in on Twitter using #YFEchat. Amanda will be on live video taking questions (you won’t, so don’t worry if you’re in your yoga pants and sweaty after your workout).

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Every Damn Day

August 14, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.12.04 AM

Every Damn Day, the popular marketing slogan by Nike reminds us to get a sweat in everyday. No matter what. However, as busy young female entrepreneurs that’s easier talked about on shirts and Pinterest boards than actually doing.

Do you wake up early and jump straight into email and keep going through the day, sometimes even taking lunch at your desk? You have meetings, phone calls, orders to fulfill and you end it all at a networking event with appetizers and cocktails. No time to workout when you get home (and the cocktail doesn’t help). While we can argue about whether or not that type of schedule is productive or healthy, that’s for another discussion.

Amanda Russell, guest of #YFEchat LIVE tomorrow night (Thursday, August 15th at 6p/9e) and popular fitness Youtuber is training us to think about working out differently. You don’t have to hit an hour and a half yoga glass, get a six mile run in, or be at the gym first thing in the morning to get a workout in. On her Youtube channel you can find hundred of videos dedicated to getting your workout done, in the shortest amount of time using just your body in an impactful way.

We’re excited to chat with her live on Thursday, and to celebrate we’re taking tomorrow’s ACTION as a workout with Amanda Russell. So, get ready to talk Thursday night about running a tight ship, while getting a tight bod- and in the meantime, here are a few of my favorites that are short, but will get the job done…


It’s a Monday after a long weekend in the summer heat. You spent the weekend with friends and family out having fun. You feel sleep deprived, dehydrated, and bloated. Most importantly, you feel excited to get back in the groove of your life and business routine (because you’re a YFE, you actually look forward to this).

In the spirit of the groove, YFE is cutting out some the vacation habits like waffles, chips, and margaritas this week. If you’re in need of something stronger to bring you back into your healthy self, here are detox programs made for busy, young women by busy, young women.

Some of the programs include detox programs, cleanses, and even include the items needed to actually do. Most include full nutrition programs that will teach you how to clean up your act once and for all. Each program offers something different so make sure you check them all out to compare.

For the Glow
The Superfood Diet System $74.99 Lifetime Membership

The Superfood Diet embraces the popular “eat clean” approach to living, which encourages a diet filled with natural, unprocessed foods. However, The Superfood Diet takes this approach to the next level with three dietary phases that are key to obtaining life-long (and seemingly effortless) results.

Marissa Vicario
Total Reset Plan $299

My expertise is in helping and inspiring women to transform their love/hate relationship with food and this is the mission I had in mind when I created The Total Reset Plan, the completely virtual way to get back on track with healthy eating habits and stay there for the long haul.

Tone it Up
Tone it Up Nutrition Plan One Time $150 Payment

We designed this program with you in mind, knowing you are busy, you love to feel satisfied, you want delicious meals, you like to feel in control of your body, and you also love to connect with other women who are going through the same thing as you! Oh, and you also enjoy the occasional cocktail or treat! We are with you!

5 DAY CLEANSE- for weight loss and cleansing $99

This cleanse is meant to detox the body of every day toxins absorbed from the food we eat, the society we live in and the stresses we endure. This cleanse has incredible easy recipes, each one taking 10 minutes or less to prepare.

YFE is cutting out sugar and alcohol this week to get back to feeling our best. We’re also cutting out a few items based on our time away such as staying indoors, making excuses for why we aren’t doing something, and neglecting email inboxes.

Join us in getting healthy and making bold moves this week. Tweet with your fellow YFEs using the hashtag #yfe5 and let us know what you’re doing this week to get back in the groove…

Did we miss your program? Add a link in the comments and YFE will add programs that are: geared towards busy women in their 20s/30s, created by a YFE, in their current season (active programs), available and accessible online, and by someone who is qualified to give advice when it comes to our nutrition.

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In honor of the “back to school” season, YFE has compiled a Fall “Get Guide” for entrepreneurial young women. It’s our anti-back to school, back to school round up of events, entertainment, products, and services including Amanda Russel’s free fitness videos, products by Young Entrepreneur Council members, and events like Marie Forleo and her Rich Happy & Hot Live conference.

Many of the items below are created by members of The YEC (they are marked with **). The YEC is “an invite-only nonprofit membership organization, promotes entrepreneurship as a means to overcome youth unemployment and underemployment. Our mission is to spark an entrepreneurial revolution in America—and help rebuild the economy in the process…” It’s an awesome resource for young women who are interested in starting and growing their own business!

The Fall “Get Guide” is part of the YFE Live Stream that is recorded every Thursday night at 6p/9e on Watch the replay and be sure to add future live streams to your calendar to participate in the chat!

events for young female entrepreneurs

1- Crowdfunding Bootcamp Oct. 9-11
2- WOMMA Summit Nov. 12-14 Las Vegas
3- Rich Happy & Hot LIVE NYC Oct. 26-28
4- Bloggy Boot Camp Oct. 13th in Las Vegas
5- Women2.0 November 14th in NYC
6- California Women’s Conference Longbeach CA Sept. 23-24
7- Pitch Refinery Chicago, IL Sept. 22-23!home/mainPage

fall fashion young female entrepreneurs

8- Sweet Minerals
9- Underbrella
10- CitySlips** Travel Rain Boots**
11- Quincy Apparel**
12- Modcloth** Tech on Your Trek Backpack
13- Modcloth** Wherever Your Wander Backpack in Pink

suri burn book, killers, shark tank, atlas shrugged

14- Suri’s Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart –> ADD Sept. 27th on your calendar to see the author talk about the process of creating the blog and getting the book deal!
15- The Killers
16- Shark Tank Sept. 14th Commercial Break Live Stream
17- Atlas Shrugged Part II is out October 12 

grow your business yfe

18- Levo league**
19- Stratejoy** Get it off the Ground
20- Innovatively Organized ”The Organized Executive” 3 part training series

21- Amanda Russell Youtube Channel
22- Total Reset Plan by Marissa Vicario
23- Wild Squirrel Nut Butter
24- NuttiYogini Black Yoga Pant

mom young female entrepreneurs

25- The Honest Co.

26- iPhone 5 Coming out rumors are Sept. 21st

The moms and tech category are slim on this guide; we’ll have to compile their own buying guides in the future! Do you have a favorite product/service/event coming up in the fall? Be sure to add it to the comments…

Watch the Young Female Entrepreneurs live stream via Youtube below or find YFE on iTunes on audio or video


The Balanced Entrepreneur

February 20, 2012

b r e a k f a s t

Good morning, entrepreneur! Time to put on your slippers, robe and kick up your feet while you watch daytime television, right? Hardly. Most of us find the opposite to be true. Waking up and working all day and through the night with little time for ourselves or a break. With limitless options in front of you, it’s even more important to take control of your time and structure your day. Being a stress-mess at the end of the week with no time with loved ones or friends is not the life you’ve set out to create for yourself. Personal experience has taught me a few things about self-care and how to start the day as an entrepreneur.

Your health is your most important possession

As Jenn stated in an earlier post, “…good health is something we value to keep it top of mind everyday”. Poor sleep, eating a less-than-stellar diet or skipping out on your workouts can drain your energy reserves. When you feel energized, you’re more productive, thinking clearly and motivated to do all you have to do in day. Create reminders to get up, stretch or take a mid-day break on your calendar or find an app that keeps you on track with your health and wellness. Take care of your body and mind by creating time in your day for essential self-care practices.

Begin the day with an activity you love

Part of being an entrepreneur is the joy of creating life on your own terms. Starting the day by checking your email within 30 seconds of waking (okay, 5 minutes might be a little more realistic) creates a tone for the day of “work, work, work”. Yes, work is important, but you could also spend the first hour of the day engaging in writing, painting, going for a walk, cooking a breakfast, sipping on tea, meditating or any other activities that don’t put you online and in work mode within moments of waking. Ease your way into your day and create and agenda that reflects a healthy balance.

Prioritize your tasks

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often we open our email and become sidetracked. Hours later, we wonder where the day went. Guilty as charged here! I’ve had to learn to ignore my inbox, opening it at intervals throughout the day instead being vigilant and immediately responding to incoming emails. We need at least 15 minutes find a  focused zone when working on a project. Responding to emails, checking Facebook or Twitter take you out of your zone. End or start your day by creating a list of the high-priority items and tackle those first. If you need tools to help you stay focused, this is a great round up of tools to keep you attuned to and focused on your priorities.

Stop multitasking – immediately

When you worked in the corporate or office environment, multitasking was a valued trait. You know – the employee that can take calls, send emails, finish tomorrow’s report and sip away from their coffee cup simultaneously. Unlearning all those behaviors when you have your own business will benefit you. Renowned strategic advisor Peter Bregman says multitasking creates the illusion of productivity. “It’s very easy to multitask and jump from one thing to another without completing anything – that leaves us busy all day but unaccomplished.” He recommends finishing one thing at a time, giving the appropriate attention to detail and taking breaks as needed until a project is completed.

These are just a sampling of ways to find balance and a sense of achievement in your day as an entrepreneur. I’d love to hear from each of you. What are your tips and strategies for managing time, priorities and balancing work and life?

Erin Haslag, board-certified wellness coach and lifestyle consultant, can be found at WELL in L.A. where she shares simple, integrated ways to add more WELLness to your day. Follow along on Twitter @WELLinLA


Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 29, 2011

Young FEmale Entrepreneurs

As young, female entrepreneurs many of us have industry, business, and fashion magazines piled up on our bed stands. Our interests vary as do our lifestyles. However, one thing is for certain, there is something exciting about starting a new year. As you look back on your 2011 and make big plans for 2012, get some help from your peers. Here are products and services created by young, female entrepreneurs for YFEs that will help get your 2012 off on the right foot.

Get Fit and Healthy

At my company we purposely point out that good health is something we value to keep it top of mind everyday. Sick, tired, and grumpy people is not what a good company is made of. Are you committing to prioritize your health in the new year as an entrepreneur? Here are a few items that will give you some extra motivation to hit the gym, ditch the coffee, and reach for the h2o.

Get support

For the GlowLast year after having my son, I really needed a boost of energy to keep up with being a new mom while building a business. I decided to commit to fellow young entrepreneur, Jennifer Jordan’s Resolution Challenge and was amazed at how much I had really been neglecting my health in the process.

If you are like me and just need a reminder and a plan to get you going again, this is a great recipe for change. With the Challenge you are essentially outsourcing your planning to For the Glow who provides you with meal and workout plans with the knowledge behind it so that you can make healthy, educated decisions post Challenge. Jennifer is generously giving YFEs a two for one special too! Once you receive the orientation packet, respond letting her know that you’re a YFE & provide your pal’s email address and name. She will then email the friend all the details. Grab you business parter, VA, or best Facebook friend and have fun getting fit and healthy together.

Get the equipment

If yoga, pilates, and running are already staples in your day, check out Zweet Sport for workout clothes that will spice up your daily routine. Marja and Kimberly founded Zweet Sport from their shared passion for fitness and fashion. The company produces “high end active wear” that looks and feels good.


“Our top sellers are the light weight Jaco shorts (loved by hot yogi’s and pole fitness ladies) and our Brasilia & Ezieza tops” explains Co-founder and Managing Director, Marja Toan. “We’re working on our Spring/Summer line which will debut in Feb/March. We’re incorporating a tank, another Capri pant & restocking all current styles with new color combos and prints.”


YFE’s most recent profile is on one of Youtube’s Next Trainers, Amanda Russell. You can subscribe to her videos to round out your focus on staying healthy while keeping busy here. Another Youtube Next Trainer is Cassey Ho who created POP Pilates and oGorgeous yoga bags. Check out her line of gym and yoga bags to help you stay organized and ready to get your sweat on.

Take Action on your Ventures

Having compelling goals in both your personal and work life that excite you are one thing, but having the confidence and know-how to get them started is another.

Get clear and gain confidence

Molly Majar recorded an amazing Young Female Entrepreneurs Podcast episode for us on the topic of getting past our fears to get stuff done. She has a new program called, “Create Your Magical Year” that is aimed at helping us quarter lifers get our vision out on paper. The program is affordable and includes a digital download of “3 training calls, 20 art-filled worksheets, and 7 inspirational interviews from women you admire.” Molly added two bonuses to the download that include a process for creating “your theme for the year” and a “reading of Shakti Gawain’s Clearing Blocks visualization.” Check out Molly’s program.

If you are a fan of Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” you will want to check out Natalie MacNeil’s 21 Day New Year Challenge. Natalie is using as the platform for walking participants through Napolean Hill’s book and recorded videos that have recently been made public. “Mightybell enables people – like Natalie MacNeil – to quickly and easily create new ”experiences” as a short series of step-by-step, day-by-day ‘actions’ you can do.” Join the Challenge here.

Get help

While it’s not packaged in a bow, colorful, or sexy in any way, the SBA provides programs and resources across the country for budding and growing entrepreneurs. If you haven’t given your local office a ring in the last year, make an appointment to do so in the next week. Here are a few links for you to keep in mind: NWBOC: The Nationals First WBE Certifier, SCORE Mentoring, National Women’s Business Council: Advisors to the President, Congress, and the SBA

Celebrate and Enjoy Life

Yes, New Years Eve is on Saturday and time is winding down to grab your perfect party dress. However, why let the celebrating stop on Saturday night? As a young, female entrepreneur you will have a number of occasions to celebrate throughout the year. Be prepared with the right dress when the time to unplug, shower, and head outside comes around.

Dress to Impress Celebrate

Jolie & Elizabeth

One company I’ve followed for the past few months that is helping this cause is Jolie & Elizabeth. Sara Elizabeth and Jolie, two New Orleans fashion designers are often in the press for being among a select group of young entrepreneurs who are revitalizing the city’s economy. Their dresses stay “true to timeless southern style” Co-founder, Jolie recommends the Revanche dress- “We offer it in a pink/ grey colorway and a mint/grey colorway. It’s normally priced at $242 but we’ve marked it down to $120, for the next week, until New Years. The name, Revanche- is french for Revenge, a good heartbreak dress!

Vue Society

Moving westward, a hot name in the Seattle scene is VueSociety. Founder Rachel Kim explains that the online shop’s focus is on “the extra curricular activities that happen outside of the working environment.” She specializes in high end one pieces and dresses serving women that “knows what she wants. She dresses conservatively and is labeled a trendsetter.” In for some sparkle? Then check out Vue Society’s Olive Green Sequin Dress from Blaque Label. If you are less of a dress girl, then take a peak at the Again Apparel Flaunt TRUX Skirt made of embossed pleather with stitching detail. Rachel is offering YFEs a promo code to use for the New Year: NYE2012. Receive $20 off the entire order along with free shipping to all WA state orders (plus, 5% of every purchase is donated to WWIN!).

2012 will be a break out year for many young, female entrepreneurs. By minding our health, our businesses, and remembering to still have fun outside of work we can all expect great things from one another. Many thanks to the young, female entrepreneurs featured in this piece who offered generous discounts. If you or a young, female entrepreneur you know of has a great product or service that would benefit YFEs in prepping for the new year, please share in the comments below!

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2006 September - Chef de parti - Shoot

While I know there are more pressing items to be sharing (Gen Y Capital Partners and the White House Student Relief headlines, our online meeting information, etc.), I had to do a quick writeup on this article, published today on ForbesWoman by Meg Casserly (fantastic writer),titled “Why I Won’t Date An Entrepreneur: A New Series.”

In the article Meg reviews her experience in dating men who have startups, which I’m not sure to laugh about or be concerned by, but at a certain level I can definitely relate to it. While I’m not dating, I do have a baby, my darling husband, and a business that I am personally juggling. I know that many of you have mentioned in the past that you have dismissed dating to focus on growing your companies (see “Calling on My Single Ladies”, “Single Lady Laura”, and “Who are You”). So what is Casserly going to do about our juggling act?

Rather than complain, or simply swear off, the Chris, Dave and Bryans that New York is crawling with, I’d like to make a difference. From my perch as an observer (and a more-than-curious reporter with experts on speed-dial), and with a few guest-posts, I’ll tackle the reality of the struggle to reconcile a personal life–whether it’s dating, relationships, family or babies—with the staggering commitment of building a business [...]

I don’t think juggling is exclusive to those who are starting and growing companies, but as a community of YFEs, it is something we have in common. Will anyone else be reading the Forbes Woman series?

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Positive Energy

August 19, 2011

positive energy

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Jordan is a ‘certified health nut, professional body sculptor & ambassador of the Superfood Flexi-Raw lifestyle’ as her Twitter bio reads. She is a wealth of information when it comes to being our healthiest and happiest self, your personal cheerleader, and a woman that has already accomplished so much. I am so thankful that she has contributed to our community. I hope you enjoy her message.

I look forward to Friday, but not for the typical reasons. For me, the day serves as a blissful reminder that I am living my truth as an entrepreneur and on the right path. Why Friday, you ask? It hit me about 6 months ago: I realized that I no longer had the need to shout out America’s favorite acronym, TGIF. I love what I do, and long gone are the days of counting down to weekend freedom. With seven years of entrepreneur experience under my belt, I can honestly say that it’s only in recent months that I’ve been engaged in my work without struggle. I know that this shift is the result of one crucial element: Positive Energy.

Now before I lose you to your Twitter newsfeed, know this: I’m not going to break out healing crystals or start chanting passages from The Secret. Truth be told, I can’t say or do anything that will shift your energy into the positive, not even Oprah can do that. It all comes down to personal choice, and today I’d like to share with you the three choices I’ve made in order to keep my positive energy intact, and my business on the move.

Manifestation Needs Your Help
Manifestation is incredibly powerful, but there is a lot of fluff surrounding the practice of envisioning your way to success. You can’t just shout out your list of demands to the Universe and expect to see them come to fruition. I’d be Mrs. Johnny Depp by now if that were true. Envision your goal, plant the seed, and then be positive and learn everything you can from your current circumstance. You wouldn’t believe how many mirror-flexing, protein-pumping meatheads I had to work under before I started my company. Be positive, learn patience, and laugh often.

Let Go
Entrepreneurship should come with a handbook and a helmet. It’s impossible to anticipate all of the bumps in the road, but in hindsight… aren’t we always grateful for them? Sometimes letting go of what you really want is an important step for your positive energy. I’ve experienced this many times: When absolutely necessary, the Universe will deny you of what you want, so that it can direct you to what you need. Let go, and remain positive that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

Form a Positive Posse
Your inner circle provides direct input and subliminal messages that have a significant impact on the course your life will take. Never underestimate the influence your posse has over your energy and long-term goals. This is definitely one of those ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ aspects from my own career. In the past year I have gone out of my way to eliminate energy vampires and to form powerful professional relationships with women who share my ambitions. Having a positive posse in my corner has not only improved my business, but it has also improved my relationship with those close to me who are less than supportive. Grandpa will never care to understand why you twitpic, but that won’t get under your skin if you’re receiving support elsewhere. Stay positive and surround yourself with like-minded positive peeps.

If all else fails and you find yourself slipping into Eeyore mode, reflect for a few moments on why you started this journey in the first place. Why did you choose to follow your passions over punching a clock? Ground yourself in your purpose, take a deep breath, and hit ctrl + alt + del on your energy. Every minute, every task, and every flip of our laptop provides a new opportunity to reboot and choose the direction of our day. (Hint: Choose positive energy!) ☺

IMG COURTESY lululemon athletica


music playlist

Inc Magazine recently ran a series on track suggestions for business owners depending on the scenario you are faced with. The piece was written by an ex-staff writer at the Rolling Stones and includes everything from “Music to Play on a Long Flight to China” to “What You Want to Hear After Bringing in a Million Dollar Account.” In between suggestions like “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince he mixes in a few suggestions from CEOs.

As the writer, Matt Hendrickson, points out–

“But while technology has radically changed, one thing has remained constant: Music in the workplace equals happy time.”

So, what is the soundtrack to your happy time while working in and on your business?

Time to share!
What is on your iPod? What are you streaming on Spotify or Rdio? What channel do you listen to the most on Pandora? Or… is music not a part of your day? Comment below.